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Fanfiction is often the butt of jokes. It gets pushback not only from mainstream culture but from many of the creators of our favorite pop culture. From fixing plot holes to continuing on with a cancelled storyline, many subgenres explore the thoughts, feelings and actions we don’t see through a TV screen. It’s also a place for those of us in smaller, homogenous communities to experience other points of view and topics that we normally wouldn’t be exposed to in our very tiny bubbles.

There’s not a good reason so many Supernatural fics revolve around this man, so it’s our duty as writers to give you a naughty one

As a reader of fanfiction, I enjoy seeing what the Winchester brothers get up to when they aren’t hunting monsters, I love feeling the passion and pain that is WayHaught, and I need to know what happened in the aftermath of Jericho’s series finale. All of these and more are explored in the organized chaos that is Archive of Our Own, where everyday people publish their imaginings and musings for popular and cult media. In the list below, I’ve gathered and reviewed a handful of fictions that I have been following and reading for a while now. Some of them are only a few hundred words, and some of them are longer than a Diana Gabaldon novel. I’ve tried to narrow the list down to those that appeal to a wider audience, but sometimes favorites tend to take over my mind and that is all I can think about (looking at YOU, Length & Breadth).

Curse your killer vehicles and wickedly awesome storytelling!

If you click through to read any of these works, please give them a like or a short comment! Writers love to hear feedback from their readers; it gives us a little extra boost to throw more free content for you to consume =D

That person is me, Gene.


After Midnight by Katsuko, Adora Addams Chapters: 33/33 An alternate universe (AU) of the Magnificent 7(2016). Emma Cullen sets out to find someone to save her little town of Rose Creek after Bart Bogue kills a few of the townspeople and takes over. The first couple of chapters alternate the perspectives of the main characters. The imagery is amazing, the characters are full of life and you’ll be gripping the edge of your laptop in anticipation for the finale.


Speed Dial 1 (for Supernatural) by nirejseki Chapters: 1/1 The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow, except almost everyone is a monster! This fic has action, lore and all the puns anyone could ever hope for. Plus, with Vamp!Leonard Snart and Cisco being Cisco, what more could you want?


Supernatural-SG1 Fusion: The Team by whomii2 Chapters: 1/1 The title says it all… this is a Supernatural/Stargate fusion! Even though the Winchester boys and their motley crew of hunters are playing the SG1 characters, the fusion is so spot-on and the character traits line up almost perfectly between the two shows.


The Length and Breadth of Fury Road by sacrificethemtothesquid Chapters: 153/153 Mad Max: Fury Road. Yeah, you read that right. 153 chapters. This behemoth of a fic takes us back along the Fury Road after the Citadel’s capture, brings in a slew of old and new characters, and shows us that it’s not all roses and champagne after the ending of the movie. There’s violence and gore, there’s love and promise, and it stays fairly canonical to George Miller’s work.


the mandalorian: moments by lesqui Chapters: 18/? A bunch of fluffy, heartbreaking drabbles from the Mandalorian universe. Do you like to feel all the feels? A quiet and intimate look at the relationship between the reader and the Mandalorian. Prepare for the angst that comes from love.

Did you read any of these fics? Is there a certain genre you like to imagine yourself in? Let me know in the comments!

And if you have a suggestion for a fic but don’t feel like writing, hit me up on Tumblr or Twitter. I’m always more than willing to write fantastical things for others!

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